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New Members Introduction to Harmony January 18, 2013

Sample a Harmony event before you join

Joining any new group or club can be very daunting when you are on your own, but when you have applied to join Harmony,  you will be invited to one of our events held in a public place before you actually join, to see if you like us. One of our experienced “Welcomers” will then take you under his/her wing for the duration of your visit. If you feel uncomfortable walking on your own into a public meeting place, such as a pub or hotel, one of our welcomers will arrange to meet you outside the venue and take you in, introduce you to other members and tell you all about what we do. They will give you some idea of what sort of events we have got planned for the future. The rest of our friendly bunch will make you very welcome, and very soon you will realise why Harmony people are so happy and always laughing.

Personal Security

For security reasons, we do not allow prospective members to see our full events programme until they have actually joined Harmony. Nor do we allow new members full access to our members’ area of our website until they are established members and have attended several events held in public places. As a lot of our events are held in members’ homes, at our group’s discretion, we may turn down applicants who we do not feel are suitable to join our friendly group and visit our homes.

Membership Application

If you would like to sample a Harmony event, please visit the Membership Application page and complete the form. One of our welcomers will then phone or email you to arrange a time and place to meet you at a suitable public location. Please make sure that you list your interests, and we will be able to introduce you to other members who share your interests. If there are other activities you would be interested in, we are a very flexible group, always open to new ideas of ways to amuse ourselves, and we would gladly include your interests in our events programme.